Bird afraid of heights

Dit nummer is bij toeval ontstaan ten behoeve van een studio-opname van een gelegenheidsbandje in de zomer van 2012. De 'Bird afraid of heights' is een eenzame figuur die weinig vertrouwen meer heeft in de mensheid. Alleen de onvoorwaardelijke liefde van zijn hond schenkt hem nog vreugde in zijn leven. 


Most people say I'm a stranger
I don't fit in society
My clothes are different from theirs
And I don't behave like I should

I admit that I am not like them
I just go my own strange way
Though it might look it makes me happy
I'm a bird afraid of heights
I'm a bird afraid of heights

My friends they all have left me
My only brother died
And every time I apply for a job
I never get a reply


My parents live so far away
I see them only once a year
In the city where I was born
But I just don't wanna go back


But I do have one true friend
And that is my old dog
He sure makes life worthwhile
I know his love is for real


 (c) 2012 Piet Woudt, arr. An Foy.