Love to share

Voor de tekst van dit nummer vond Renate inspiratie in een trouwerij die in een klein kerkje in Noord-Holland plaatsvond. Piet maakte er een melodie bij en gezamenlijk hebben we het arrangement bedacht en uitgewerkt. Tijdens ons optreden van 24 december 2012 speelden we dit nummer met een aan de (kerst)gelegenheid aangepaste tekst.


He invites us while he's singing, playing tunes on his guitar
As we've gathered on this morning, in this village by the sea
Come into this beautiful little, ancient church with me

Silent full of expectation, we are soon about to see
There are candles shining brightly, lit for loved ones far away
About to witness the vows they'll make, on their wedding day

Bold and honestly expressing, what it was that brought them here
Rings presented by young angels, on how to act they disagree
Love is in this solemn moment, clear for all to see

Pulling at the rope together, they do give the bell full swing
They've received the best of wishes, from all people present here
Sure the church bell loudly rings, 'cause they've got love to share

Children on the beach are running, with their kites to catch the wind
While we dance in celebration, with a vibrant energy
The sun blushes the sky and then, fades into the sea.

 (c) 2012 Renate Rijgersberg / Piet Woudt, arr. An Foy.